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Maniacal Demon of Blind Hatred


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To the Chicago Reader editor:

Allow me to quote: "The images of children convulsing from exposure to nerve gas [sic!] offer a ringing indictment of the Sharon government" --Ted Shen, the Chicago Reader, 4/19/2002 (Section Two, p. 12).

I wonder what maniacal demon of blind hatred possessed the Chicago Reader, against the very basics of journalistic etiquette and responsibility, into giving voice to such a vile and deceitful fantasy. Nerve gas? This is one I haven't yet heard even out of the most vociferous and fanatic of anti-Israeli mouths (and believe me, I have been doing a great deal of listening lately). Was there a decision made to paint the Reader yellow? If so, please inform the public, lest some naive souls take it at face value when next month the Reader uncovers a CIA-sponsored Zionist plot to poison Chicago drinking water; and if not--well, I hope you would be able to muster the decency for a clear and unambiguous retraction.

Sincerely, and with great disappointment,

Gadi Fishman


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