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When: Sat., Dec. 3, 9 p.m. 2011

In a recent interview with Chicagoist, Mannequin Men front man Kevin Richard complains that so many reviews of the band's new self-titled album on Addenda have called it their "mature record." And he has a point: "I know these songs aren't that mature," he says. "'Cheryl Tiegs' is about jacking off as a teenager, you know?" But the fact is, the album bounces from introspective to sneering and back—it's definitely mature, at least in spots—and that's a big part of why it hums so damn well. The local four-piece (whose lineup includes Reader music writer Miles Raymer on bass) doesn't rely as heavily on trashy garage rippers, instead working the achy-and-pained angle a bit more—think Neil Young or the Strange Boys—and crafting perfectly hooky, vocal-driven singles like the exasperated standout track "Hobby Girl." But Mannequin Men balances hard and soft perfectly thanks to stompers like "Enough" and album opener "Don't Grow," where Richard's singing is fuzzed-out and harsh—they've got just the right amount of scuzz on their jean jacket. This being their fourth full-length, these dudes have been around the block once or twice—and whether they like it or not, the pencil marks on the door frame are getting higher and higher. —Kevin Warwick

Price: $10