Manny's Coffee Shop & Deli | University Village/Little Italy | American, Kosher/Jewish/Deli | Restaurant

Manny's Coffee Shop & Deli Recommended Menu

Hours: Breakfast, lunch, dinner: Monday-Saturday
Closed Sunday

Price: $

Classic old-Chicago deli/cafeteria: corned beef sandwiches, latkes, brisket, Tums.

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Some things are never as good as they used to be. The delis of yesteryear were palaces, serving sliced meat a mile high for $1.98. Now? At Manny’s the latkes are very good, light and crisp, fluffy and flavorful—you don’t need a side of applesauce to enjoy. But you should have had them before! They were potato ambrosia, splendor in the grease. And these prices: $11.95 for a sandwich in a cafeteria? A strange one too: instead of paying at the end of the line like G-d intended, you pay on the way out, after you eat. But Manny’s has been here since 1942, and they know what they’re doing. They serve brisket, roast beef, corned beef, very lean, and pastrami, fatty in all the right places, piled high on rye. Too high! How are you supposed to eat all this? So share or get a doggie bag. What else are you going to order at a place like Manny’s—a veggie burger? And look, they have all the condiments right on the table, mustard in both colors, your salt, your pepper, sugar and ketchup, a napkin holder, very useful. Years ago all the big shots ate here; now it’s all hoi polloi. But you can still get a cigar at the register, a piece of candy, some gum, your choice of Tums or Rolaids. See, at Manny's they know what they're doing.

Jeffrey Felshman

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