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A substantive version of the puffy “making-of” documentaries that accompany every Hollywood release, this 2003 video by Naofumi Nakamura chronicles the production of Siddiq Barmak's Osama, the first film shot in Afghanistan after the overthrow of the Taliban. The offscreen drama centers on Marina Golbahari, the 13-year-old nonprofessional that Barmak cast in the lead role; traumatized, like most of her peers, by life under the oppressive regime, she draws on a vast reservoir of sorrow for her performance, but when Barmak needs her to express joy she's stumped. Standing Hollywood practice on its head, the writer-director revises his story to make it truer to the child's grim experience, changing the closing scene, of the character walking under a rainbow, to a shot of her skipping rope in prison. In English and subtitled Pashtu and Dari. 52 min.


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