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Marvin Sease, Denise LaSalle, J. Blackfoot


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Marvin Sease, whose 80s-era hit "(Let Me Be Your) Candy Licker" elevated cunnilingus to the level of radio theater, is one of several contemporary blues artists who've developed the modern folk legend of "Jody," a rakish trickster who sneaks through back doors to seduce lonely housewives while their husbands slave away earnestly at nine-to-five jobs. Sease's recent LP on the Jive label finds him as roguish as ever ("I Ate the Whole Thing," "The Housekeeper") but also capable of a convincing deep-soul sincerity ("She's the Woman I Love"). Denise LaSalle can be as raunchy as Sease ("Doesn't my band play good? They fuck good too--I tried 'em myself!"), but her real charm lies in her persona as a hot-blooded down-home philosopher. She revels in the dual celebration of sexual independence and appetite, demolishing male egos with lacerating wit and strutting her sensuality with exultant affirmation. In the midst of all this libidinous excess, sweet-voiced soulster J. Blackfoot will be on hand to simmer things down to a mellow, sensual boil. Local blues vocalist Jessie Tolbert opens the show. Saturday, 9 PM and 1 AM, East of the Ryan, 914 E. 79th; 874-1500.

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