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Hours: Lunch: Monday-Friday; dinner: seven days

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CLOSED. Streeterville restaurant offering omakase menus.

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The Japanese concept of omakase—essentially putting the progression and content of your meal completely under the creative control of the chef—certainly isn't foreign to Chicago. But there is a relative dearth of ultra-high-end Japanese fine dining on which to blow whole paychecks. Masaki, a 20-seat Streeterville restaurant from Mauro and Kimberly Mafrici (owners of the nearby Pelago), aims to change things. Toward that end, they've recruited Japanese-born Korean Jinwoo Han, whose menus display a wide diversity of raw fish and cooked creations not seen elsewhere in the city. This variety's most evident on the three-course menu. For $98 diners are given a choice of three sets of dishes per course—say, steamed egg custard, shrimp soup with daikon and tofu, and a pan-seared scallop; the humble Japanese pancake okonomiyaki, followed by three to four arrangements of raw fish; and a selection of cooked items such as soy-simmered stingray with rice, sauteed garlic stems and pickles, and a seaweed-clam soup. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the seven-course menu, priced at a precipitous $178, is largely focused on raw fish. At the midpoint is a $134 five-course menu balanced between the (very lightly) cooked and the raw. GM and sommelier Pete Wilson provides pairings for all three (ours were $55 for the five-course menu). And for those unwilling or unable to shell out this kind of money, there are a la carte options as well as two- and three-course lunches priced at a friendlier $38 to $46. Read the full review >>

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