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This week's Culture Vultures recommend:

Becoming a cheese connoisseur, Project Onward's new art, and the Comfort Music series


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Leland Meiners, T'bone bassist is feeling inspired by:

Project Onward When I get a day off I like to see what's new at Project Onward in the Chicago Cultural Center. They offer studio space and a gallery for local artists with disabilities. The incredibly exciting work made by these artists makes me eager to go home and get into projects of my own.

On a recent visit, I really enjoyed the lettering on David Holt's cardboard memorials of recently deceased celebrities and Chuckie Johnson's meditative depictions of very specific moments in works such as He Is Looking at a Bit of Dust and Laughing. It's fun to get to know some of the artists, and many will do work on commission if you are looking for a portrait, poster, or album cover.

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