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Dear Reader:

Brian Mier is rightfully upset about how UIC is using an award bearing his late father's name to honor the Chicago Department of Planning for clearing Maxwell Street [December 18]. Quite self-serving for Jim Stukel to bestow honors on the city for blessing UIC's expansion plans and ridding it of an unwelcome neighbor. Unfortunately, that is how the game is played in Mayor Daley's Chicago.

The unexamined comparison between Maxwell Street and south Armour Square is unfortunate. The late, great Mayor Washington could not afford politically to allow the White Sox to leave, as they threatened. The demolition of south Armour Square was a departure from Mayor Washington and Rob Mier's planning and development policies and practices. By comparison, the removal of the Maxwell Street market and the creation of a Tax Increment Financing zone in the area is consistent with Mayor Daley's practices.

I hope that Brian Mier will learn in time to recognize Maxwell Street as but one of many examples of Mayor Daley's misguided "community" development strategy.

Spenser Staton

W. Waveland

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