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Hours: Dinner: seven days
Open late: every night till midnight

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Stylish, appealing Lebanese restaurant with many traditional favorites and a stellar ful.

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This Lebanese spot goes a long way toward changing the zero-ambience image of Middle Eastern restaurants: high ceilings and exposed ductwork are painted white, elegant floor-length curtains soften the windows, and modern art hangs on the walls. Despite the upscale feel, the menu is down-to-earth. There are plenty of familiar appetizers, like falafel, kibbe, hummus, and baba ghanoush, but the winner is the ful modammas—a generous bowl of mashed fava beans, dill, parsley, and fresh tomatoes tossed in extra-virgin olive oil with lots of lemon juice and garlic. Spread on a warm, fluffy pita, it’s a meal in itself. But if you stop there you won’t get to try the couscousiere dishes (named for the pot in which couscous is steamed), the kebabs of charbroiled chicken and lamb, or any of the many fresh seafood options. The trout with fines herbes stands out—it's a whole fish stuffed with fresh dill, parsley, and handfuls of basil, then charbroiled and served with a buttery rice pilaf and a side of perfectly sauteed vegetables dressed with just a squeeze of lemon.

Laura Levy Shatkin

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