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When: Wed., Nov. 13, 8 p.m. 2013

“Fade Into You” hit the charts in 1994, just after my 13th birthday. It was something of a “transitional” year for me, in that I was just old enough then to get nostalgic now whenever I hear David Roback gently working his slide over his guitar strings (MTV playing the video every 15 minutes didn’t hurt either). I wasn’t quite old enough, though, to comprehend the single’s significant role in making dreamy, UK-leaning indie pop a sought-after radio brand—or the role that brand would soon play in sinking Mazzy Star. The band never duplicated “Fade Into You” and went on hiatus in ’97, citing pressure to repeat that success from an overinvolved Capitol Records. Sixteen years later, that pressure is gone: the duo of Roback and Hope Sandoval have just released Seasons of Your Day, their first album in all that time, on their own indie label, Rhymes of an Hour. The new record stays loyal to what Mazzy Star was—though Sandoval’s voice is a bit sultrier, even bluesy at times, it remains as delicate and airy as ever (“In the Kingdom”). The music’s grown-up darkness is still intact too, suggesting that the two of them have been through more than their share of pitfalls and hurdles in their 16 years away. —Kevin Warwick Psychic Ills open.

Price: $35