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Media Girls: New Video by Young Women

Eight videos, most of them by young amateurs chronicling their own lives. In Between My Mother and Me (2002), Nicole Nelson turns her video camera on her single parent, criticizing her mother's obsession with bowling. Mom defensively promises she'll devote more attention to her teenage daughter, but Nelson, getting in the last word, reports that nothing has changed. Nikki Isham's Walking Alone on the Road of Depression (2001) is a moving testimonial of her seven-year battle with depression, poignantly conveyed in tight close-ups. Ramalah Yusufzai asserts her Muslim-American identity in the language of the typical American teen in Me . . . Myself . . . and I (2002); the shot of her sister giving a Bronx cheer while wearing a head scarf may be an on-screen first. 75 min.

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