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Meet the Feebles

Long before he got his hands on Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson directed this raucously funny R-rated parody of The Muppet Show. “Meet the Feebles” is a TV variety series produced by a lecherous walrus, and among the puppets introduced in the acrid backstage soap opera are a rabbit with a fatal STD, a vain hippo diva with a weakness for automatic weapons, a junkie lizard whose memories of 'Nam are an extended spoof of The Deer Hunter, and a fly gossip columnist who, appropriately enough, lands on a turd floating in a toilet and helps herself with a little spoon. Like Team America: World Police, this 1989 New Zealand feature taps into the bad-taste hilarity of puppets puking, rutting, and being blown apart—a limitless resource, if you ask me. R, 94 min.

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