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Mi Na Ri

Hours: Lunch, Dinner: Monday-Saturday
Closed: Sunday

Price: $$

Spare Korean spot specializing in seafood hot pots; other atypical offerings include rice porridges and a panchan of soy-marinated sweet raw crabs.

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Minari is the Korean name for an herb related to parsley and dropwort that typically makes an appearance in seafood hot pots and stews, the house specialty at this spare little spot on Bryn Mawr. Hot pots of cod, assorted shellfish, and “honkfish” (a species identical to monkfish whose habitat seems to be strictly limited to the English portion of the menu) come steaming to the table with radish, tofu, mushroom, and minari in a spicy red broth. For whole grilled fish one can choose among saury, hairtail, and yellow corvina in additional to the mackerel that seems to be available in every Korean restaurant on the planet. Besides seafood there are a few other atypical dishes, including four varieties of jook, or rice porridge, popular nourishment during periods of unruly digestion; an enormous bowl of house-made noodles in thick chicken broth; and a selection of refreshing “summer special” noodle dishes. The side dishes vary according to availability, but if you’re lucky you'll get gejang, sweet raw crabs marinated in soy and spiced with red pepper paste.

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