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Michael Jordan to the Max

Rated NR 2000

Unlike Michael Jordan, this large-format movie demonstrates mostly unrealized potential. An aphoristic voice-over—made slightly more penetrating by Laurence Fishburne's persuasive delivery—leads us through a career summary (pre-Washington Wizards) that won't be suspenseful to Jordan fans. The lower-key technical motifs include slow motion, which helps break down the complex action in game footage, and the pumped-up echo of a bouncing basketball—an effect that can't send shivers down your spine the 16th time you hear it. Everest is one of the few large-format movies I've seen that uses picture-in-picture artfully; here it's just a mechanism that pairs talking heads with illustrations. Footage of Jordan walking through a huge crowd, filmed from his point of view, encourages viewers to imagine what it might be like to be him. Directed by Jim Stern and Don Kempf. 45 min.

Film Credits

Director: Jim Stern and Dan Kempf

Producer: Jim Stern, Dan Kempf and Steve Kempf

Cast: Michael Jordan

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