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Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie) delivers more of his cartoonish whimsy and grotesquerie in this French comedy about a wacky terror cell trying to bring down two rival weapons manufacturers. Jeunet's previous feature, the World War I story A Very Long Engagement (2004), should have taught him that his ludicrous style doesn't lend itself to heavy themes, yet when this movie opens with a soldier being killed by a mine in the Moroccan desert, and his wife learns of the tragedy back home, her grief is inexplicably played for laughs. Grown to adulthood, the man's son (Dany Boon) hooks up with an eccentric crew of junk dealers—including a contortionist, Elastic Girl, who likes to stay in the refrigerator—and the movie clicks along pretty well until they launch their elaborate plot against the merchants of death, which seems to go on forever.



  • Jean-Pierre Jeunet


  • Dany Boon
  • André Dussollier
  • Nicolas Marie
  • Jean-Pierre Marielle
  • Yolande Moreau
  • Julie Ferrier
  • Omar Sy
  • Dominique Pinon
  • Michel Cremades
  • Marie-Julie Baup
  • Urbain Cancelier
  • Patrick Paroux
  • Jean-Pierre Becker
  • Stephane Butet
  • Philippe Girard


  • Frédéric Brillion
  • Jean-Pierre Jeunet
  • Gilles Legrand

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