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Mid-August Lunch

Gianni Di Gregorio, one of the screenwriters of the brutal Italian crime epic Gomorrah, shows his gentler side as writer-director-star of this charming, understated comedy (2008). He plays an aging, mildly alcoholic Roman who attends to his eccentric 93-year-old mother and hones his culinary skills while ignoring their bills; when the president of their condo association offers to retire some of their debts if they'll feed and look after his own mother while he's away on holiday, the protagonist reluctantly agrees, only to find himself saddled with not only her but her sister and, shortly thereafter, another matriarch. The four elderly ladies are all played by nonprofessionals, and they have an endearing, unstudied freshness; Di Gregorio is one of those rare filmmakers who likes and understands women. In Italian with subtitles.



  • Gianni Di Gregorio


  • Gianni Di Gregorio
  • Valeria Franciscis
  • Marina Cacciotti
  • MarĂ­a Cali
  • Grazia Sforza
  • Alfonso Santagata


  • Matteo Garrone

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