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Moholy-Nagy: Future Present Member Picks Agenda Recommended Image Closing (Theater and Galleries)

When: Oct. 2-Jan. 3 2017

Moholy-Nagy: Future Present" is perhaps the most outstanding major exhibition the Art Institute has displayed during the past few years. The subject, Laszló Moholy­-Nagy, a Hungarian artist who was based in Chicago for most of the last decade of his life, was a prominent professor in the Bauhaus school, and made a significant contribution to contemporary art and design. At the same time, he's someone many spectators are likely unaware of—even those who possess a baseline familiarity with art history. Meanwhile, over at the Graham Foundation, there's another remarkable, albeit smaller, showcase of an important craftsman who's even more obscure: Rifat Chadirji, an architect and photographer who was a critical cultural figure in post-World War II Iraq. Continue reading >>

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