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When an all-female cast throws bras into the seats (exchangeable later for free drinks) and punches a character representing "self-centered men," the show's theme might seem obvious. But in Moist, directed by Greg Mills and performed by the four talented Ragdolls, womanhood is far more complex. One self-described liberated woman admits she's a "BJ junkie," and speakers at a rally for mothers who also work outside the home lead the audience in a "We Are the World"-like chorus of "Fuck the Children." Refreshingly, the show isn't fixated on the feminine; interspersed with vignettes about a young girl's "front butt" and a woman's "damp lady basement" are equally hilarious sketches about racists, liars, funerals, and focus groups. A scene about babysitting doesn't work, but otherwise the bits are consistent, the performers nimble and sharp--especially Emily Wilson, whose nuanced versatility is impressive. Passionate and forthright, the Ragdolls say much here about being a comedienne. Through 8/17: Thu 8 PM, I.O., 3541 N. Clark, 773-880-0199, $14.

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