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Monsters from the Id


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Monsters from the Id, at WNEP Theater. In one sketch in this collection of 13, written and performed by Second City training center alums, a job-placement counselor for mediocre superheroes advises a client to get into construction work. The client considers. He agrees. He becomes Construction Worker Man. The end.

If only there were such counselors for these actors, whose writing betrays a lack of aptitude, time spent, or both. Similarly stunted skits comprise most of the show, setups chased by follow-throughs that merely echo the opening pitch. It's all put together competently, but sketches of sketches are rarely anything more than potentially funny.

Some degree of hurry-up humor may be attributable to the hour--a midnight show is well-advised to acknowledge short attention spans. But whether the bit is about Nazis or interns or extra appendages, the twists here are telegraphed, the jokes underripe, the perfunctory conclusions forced. Though likable and reasonably talented, the cast just can't overcome this skeletal stuff, making for a dull (though mercifully short) revue.

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