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Monument, Fordists, Coping, Efert, Damp Hay All Ages Soundboard

When: Sat., July 23, 7 p.m. 2011

This D.C. foursome dropped their new Sweatpants Fever! EP (Keep It Together) in the nick of time. It’s packed with summer-ready tunes that hark back to late-90s emo, when the Promise Ring was the face of the genre and the genre was all about happy, college-radio-friendly power pop—not some fashion-obsessed eighth-wave bastardization with lots of screaming, shitty metalcore guitars, and “crunk” in its name. Monument are clearly indebted to the alt-rock of an earlier era, before neck tattoos and hugely gauged ears became de rigueur—the EP includes four covers of songs from the 20th century, including Superchunk’s “Precision Auto” and Braid’s “What a Wonderful Puddle.” That’s not to say these guys play like throwbacks—they’re always looking for fresh approaches to their chosen style, like the ingenious mix of twinkly guitar noodling and shoegazey walls of sound on “Goddamned Claw Machine.” They’re not exactly re­inventing the wheel, but they drive like their wheels are brand-new. —Leor Galil

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