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I read with interest the analysis in the Works (November 12) of the reason why the 49th precinct of the 42nd Ward was the most GOP oriented in Chicago. The precinct is bounded by LaSalle, Wells, Chicago, and Oak streets. As stated in the article a subsidized housing complex is within the precinct which contains a large Russian Jewish immigrant population. Burton Natarus was quoted as saying this group was especially sensitive to the status of the state of Israel, therefore causing the lopsided 77.9 percent victory for Bush. In my opinion, this is a rather convoluted and suspect reason for the GOP victory in this precinct. I think a much more plausible explanation for the result is that the precinct is nearly completely dominated by the Moody Bible Institute, which operates a large multistory dormitory for its students on the northwest corner of Chicago and Wells streets.

David Prindable

W. Dickens Avenue

Ben Joravsky replies:

The northwest corner of Chicago and Wells isn't in the 49th precinct.

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