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To Pruzan's verse [December 22]

I now must add

Some names--this past year

found us sad

To lose that exquisite old place,

Joe Segal's Blackstone Jazz Showcase:

A room of class and elegance

The likes of which we've not seen since

And likely won't again. Oh, well,

Toast Maxine Andrews and Cosell,

Cab Calloway, Jobim--and man!

You'll never forget Floyd McDaniel's

Fleet and winsome fretboard licks.

So now, as we face '96

Hoping there's joy there to save us

From despair, we learn too late

That yet another's met his fate:

A man whose worldly pelf was never

Great, nor fame and stardom ever

Apropos the gifts he gave us:

Ciao, Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis.

David Whiteis

Fort Wayne

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