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For some folks the only thing worse than an accordion is two of them, but if anyone can convert squeezebox haters it's these Poles, who specialize in three-accordion arrangements that never even flirt with the polka feel you might expect. On their most recent album, Play-Station (Asphalt Tango, 2005), they take obvious delight in tackling genres they'd seem to have no business messing with. "You Dance" is a dead-on techno track, its insistent four-on-the-floor pulse carved out by a hypnotically speedy low-end figure and trimmed with ravey squiggles and abstract splashes that mimic the scratching of a nimble turntablist; "Game Over," meanwhile, is a surprisingly good collage of video-game sounds. Impressive as that gimmickry is, the rest of the album is even better: dazzling contrapuntal action that melts rock, jazz, classical, and all sorts of ethnic music into one uncategorizable and very entertaining blur. a 3 PM, Preston Bradley Hall, Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington, 312-744-6630. F A --Peter Margasak

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