Moulin Rouge Coffee & Cafe | Portage Park | Polish/Russian/Eastern European, American, Breakfast | Restaurant

Moulin Rouge Coffee & Cafe

Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner: seven days

Price: $

Polish hipster hangout in Portage Park with authentic dishes like tripe soup and hunter's stew.

Restaurant Details

Despite its name, this Portage Park restaurant is less European bistro than Polish-American hipster hangout. The small round tables are carefully laid with white tablecloths and artificial flowers, and wee cut-glass salt and pepper shakers arrive with each entree; the mural on the far wall features fleshy cancan girls and top-hatted gentlemen, and the single tables in nooks at either end of the front window seem made for romantic tete-a-tetes. But the dated rap ("I like big butts and I cannot lie!") and the crowd of twentysomethings on cell phones override the attempt at old-world ambience. The dinner menu, at least, seems authentic. Tripe soup, hunter's stew, goulash, and meatballs with mushroom gravy all come with a side of pleasantly tart beet salad bleeding rivulets of red onto the lettuce leaf that cradles it. Most of the breakfast combinations center on pork sausage, with the exception of the "American" option -- bread, jam, and cornflakes. There's the usual range of coffee drinks, a counter display of Polish candy bars, and several enigmatically named juice combinations such as Leo's Dream (black currant and pineapple) and the Chicago Drink (pineapple, orange, grapefruit, and lemon).

Anne Ford

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