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Mumia Abu-Jamal: A Case for Reasonable Doubt?

John Edginton's 1996 video offers evidence that journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, now on death row in Pennsylvania, was convicted in an unfair trial, the subject of a police conspiracy in which key witnesses were bribed and blackmailed into perjuring themselves. Edginton builds his argument slowly and convincingly, presenting testimony from both sides but leaving the final decision to the viewer. He returns frequently to the seedy street corner where Abu-Jamal is said to have murdered a police officer, an effective device, but otherwise this is pretty bland as video. The work?s one emotional moment comes near the end, when Veronica Jones, a witness to the crime, describes how police pressured her to lie and how she later decided to recant: her mannerisms and voice convey the fragile state of an outsider easily coerced by the threat of prison.

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