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Music From Another Room

The first indication of trouble in this “it's destiny” romance is that the blond, American-sounding boy we meet in the opening scene is grown up in the next one—with the brown hair and English accent of actor Jude Law. But sloppiness is the least of this feature's sins. Law's supposed to partner with the uptight Gretchen Mol, who has to be hit with a sledgehammer to get the idea—and most of the dialogue is based on the notion that characters should explain their own behavior; either writer-director Charlie Peters knows too many people who actually do this or he believes his audience is too stupid to see what's already tiresomely obvious. The movie contains dozens of pathetic attempts at humor, but the only funny thing is the unintentional parody of the conventions of romantic comedy and wacky-family stories. During one climactic night so many hyperdramatic events occur that a kitchen sink might as well have been lobbed onto the set. With Brenda Blethyn, Jennifer Tilly, Martha Plimpton, and Jeremy Piven.


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