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In Rotation: Big Star manager Ben Fasman on contemporary country that doesn't suck

Plus: Reader music critic Miles Raymer on iMaschine for iPhone and artist Cody Hudson on and Spacemen 3


Miles Raymer, Reader music critic

iMaschine for iPhone Maschine is a hardware-software sampler-sequencer setup from Native Instruments, and iMaschine is its standalone companion app for the iPhone—one that's far more powerful than the $4.99 price tag might suggest. Turns out that making beats is an even more satisfying way of killing time than Angry Birds—I bought iMaschine before a three-week tour and came home with an album's worth of material. I fell so in love with the app that I went and upgraded to the real-deal rig.

Guy Clark, Old No. 1 Guy Clark befriended, mentored, and wrote for a who's who of the coolest 70s country musicians. His own albums are traditionally minded but sophisticated and boast a mile-wide sentimental streak, not unlike Townes Van Zandt or Kris Kristofferson.

Classic Albums: Queen—The Making of A Night at the Opera The documentary antidote to tawdry, Behind the Music-style rock-star tell-alls. The big bombshell here is that the members of Queen are nicer guys and better friends and had way more fun recording their best album than you had even imagined.

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