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[Re: Hot Type, February 20]

Those of us who attended a meeting of the WBEZ community advisory council on Wednesday, September 22, 1993, were afforded a taste of the future when Torey Malatia, the station's brand-new program director, opened his mouth for the very first time. In a short speech--and afterward, during a question and answer period--he struck me as an unimaginative cook who would work more by exact measurement from precise recipes than by intuitively adding a pinch of this and a dollop of that. Little wonder. Hadn't he been recruited from commercial radio, an AM station no less?

Was the advisory council concerned? I guessed not. They were too busy planning fund-raisers to consider the really important stuff.

In four and a half mismanaged years this man of little shoulders, this Muzak man, carelessly stripped WBEZ of whatever in-house talent existed and nearly completely failed to draw new talent in. Pretty soon he will be the only one left standing.

Is the community advisory council concerned? I plan to ask. The next meeting is Wednesday, March 19, in the WBEZ performance center halfway out on Navy Pier.

Todd Wexman

N. Winchester

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