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National Lampoon's Van Wilder

Ryan Reynolds plays the title character, a perpetual undergrad and party boy, in this painfully unfunny college comedy filled with Jim Carrey-style mugging, derivative gross-outs, and carelessly crafted gags. The thin plot involves Vance Wilder Sr. (Tim Matheson of Animal House) cutting off junior's tuition after 13 semesters and the president of the DIK fraternity (Daniel Cosgrove), a rival for the affections of a campus journalist (Tara Reid), getting Van expelled by sneaking some seriously underage drinkers into one of his bashes. Before scripting this mess, Brent Goldberg and David Wagner wrote the sophomoric Saving Ryan's Privates, a calling-card short created to bait industry bottom-feeders; obviously it did the trick. Walt Becker directed. 95 min.


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