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Ne-Hi side project Flamingo Rodeo releases its breezy debut


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In Ne-Hi, the local dreamy postpunk four-piece cofronted by singer and guitarist Mikey Wells, everything falls into terse rhythms and complex, rigid arrangements. So it makes sense that on Said Unsaid, the first full-length from Wells’s solo-turned-side-project Flamingo Rodeo, he took a new direction and decided to get loose. With a fleshed-out band lineup that includes his Ne-Hi bandmate Alex Otake on drums, former Rabble Rabble member Matt Ciarleglio on bass, and Empty Bottle production manager Tim Gurnig on guitar, Wells lays out nine tracks of breezy, loose-limbed, easy-listening indie pop. Tracks such as album opener “My Name Is Not . . . ” have a fluffy AM Gold sway, while others—especially the record’s undisputed highlight, “Discount Harmony”—go full-on Gram Parsons-style psychedelic country-rock, and every track across the board is fun, light, and pretty as hell. But with this seasoned crew of dudes, top-notch tunes are hardly a surprise. This show is the release party for the vinyl version of Said Unsaid that’s being put out by the in-house label of local record shop Shuga, which also released an LP by another incredible Ne-Hi side project, Dehd, late last year.   v

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