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Nerdcore Rising

The ascendance of the Internet and information economy in the 90s made computer geeks suddenly desirable, and a new geek pride movement turned playing Dungeons & Dragons and watching ThunderCats well into adulthood from something to be ashamed of into something to get tattooed proudly on one's arm. The nascent nerdcore movement is, like geek dating sites and geek porn, meant to appeal to geeks alone. An odd-couple pairing of hip-hop beats and decidedly un-street topics like science fiction, computer programming, and Stephen Hawking, the best nerdcore songs will fly completely over the heads of anyone who doesn't know what “Han Shot First” means. But the scene's novelty and a couple of genuine talents in it have brought it attention from the outside world. Director Negin Farsad follows MC Frontalot—one of the performers who've prevented nerdcore from being a one-note joke—on tour playing to geeky and straight crowds alike.

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