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New Films by Stan Brakhage

Stan Brakhage, who's been making films since 1952, hand painted and hand scratched these six abstract silent films directly onto white or clear film. Each is different in look and tone, though all share key characteristics: a rapid pace, mysterious depth effects, compositions too complex to be grasped as static pictures. These spectacularly beautiful works, with their unpredictable and irregular rhythms and asymmetrical compositions, implicitly critique conventional viewing of films (and the world) and the mainstream values it stems from—the flickering tapestries offer no images that one can possess, fetishlike, in the mind's eye. Reinventing itself many times each second, the imagery denies viewers their customary passive role. The program consists of Earth Song of the Cricket (1999), Cricket Requiem (1999), The Lion and the Zebra Make God's Raw Jewels (1999), Coupling (1999), reel one of . . . (elipses) (1998), and Persian Series 1-5 (1999).


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