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New World Order, Apocalypse Division


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To the editors:

Michael Solot's review of Edward W. Said's book Culture and Imperialism [October 15] is both biased and myopic.

It is biased because it assumes that a high standard of material well-being as extant in the West (or better, North) is luminously superior to the "backward" cultures of the South.

Solot has obviously never lived in the bush of Africa where Said's "new souls" are not all that new.

England, according to God's plan, established her Empire in the 19th century so that English would become, as it has, the lingua franca of the world. The tower of Babel has been built.

One World in a truly New Order is on the horizon in which the meek will love and share with each other.

Thomas F. Mitchell

W. Cuyler

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