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Dear Sirs:

I read Neighborhood News in the January 6, 1995, issue and was surprised to see the Reader characterize the privatization of the Lincoln Park Zoo as a "scheme" hatched by Zoo "honchos" with the aid of consultants you describe as an "outfit." Why not just say "evil cabal" and be done with it? Your story is not news, it is an editorial opinion.

I'm sorry anyone lost their job, especially those who have spent years dedicated to the welfare of the animals, but we are not in Japan, with lifetime job guarantees.

I have lived in the Lincoln Park area for more than thirty years and have been a frequent visitor to the Zoo. I have seen the transformation of the Zoo from a bleak old prison for animals into a truly excellent urban zoo. This transformation was accomplished not by the Park District, but through the efforts of the Zoological Society and the past director of the Zoo, the esteemed Dr. Lester Fisher. Unlike most facilities run by the City or the Park District, the Zoo is something in which we can take pride.

The new director, Kevin Bell, has the support of the Zoological Society and has been with the Zoo for years. This is not new management, but a continuation of the management that has brought the Zoo to this point. The Zoo is one of the few things in this city that is not broken, don't try to fix it.

Guy Herman

N. Fremont

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