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Night Birds, Give, Tenement, Boilerman, Snake Handler All Ages Recommended Soundboard Image

When: Fri., March 29, 7 p.m. 2013

I’m not one of those guys who wishes he could go back in time to experience some local music scene during a historical peak—say, Seattle in the grunge years or Athens, Georgia, in its 80s college-rock heyday. But when I first read the 2001 book Dance of Days, about D.C. punk from the late 70s onward, I admit I felt envious of the folks who were there for the mid-80s “Revolution Summer” era—that’s when many of the younger musicians involved in launching D.C. hardcore revolted against the scene they’d helped create (especially its increasingly macho aesthetic) by devising a slower style that embraced accessible melodies and introverted, ambiguous lyrics. I’m not the only one with a soft spot for that posthardcore scene, of course: I’d wager that the five guys in late-aughties D.C. posthardcore band Give all own copies of Rites of Spring’s 1985 emo touchstone End on End. They definitely pay homage to the sound of that time and place—the title track their December EP, Voodoo Leather (Heartworm Press), could be a long-lost B side from Ian MacKaye’s emocore band Embrace—but they also make it their own with meaty metal-tinged riffs, grunge swagger, and bellowing vocals that sometimes make the singer sound like he’s fighting back a burp. —Leor Galil Night Birds headline; Give, Tenement, Boilerman, and Snake Handler open.

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