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Night of the Living Dead

George Romero's gory, style-setting 1968 horror film, made for pennies in Pittsburgh. Its premise—the unburied dead arise and eat the living—is a powerful combination of the fantastic and the dumbly literal. Over its short, furious course, the picture violates so many strong taboos—cannibalism, incest, necrophilia—that it leaves audiences giddy and hysterical. Romero's sequel, Dawn of the Dead, displays a much-matured technique and greater thematic complexity, but Night retains its raw power.



  • George A. Romero


  • Duane Jones
  • Judith O'Dea
  • Karl Hardman
  • Russell Streiner
  • Keith Wayne
  • Judith Ridley
  • Marilyn Eastman
  • Kyra Schon


  • George A. Romero
  • John A. Russo


  • Karl Hardman
  • Russell Streiner

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