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We are walking down Taylor Street.

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This is very close to my old apartment on Carpenter. I no longer live there. It was such an awful, dreary place, but we were young. It was our first year at UIC. My best friend Chris and I shared the apartment, and we decided to have a party to start off the semester. We had at least 200 people, and the cops came. Chris and I went down to talk to these two women cops. These officers were probably in their 30s. They were kinda cute, but a little husky. They had that whole Carmella Soprano type thing going on. In the middle of a question they stopped because my friend Eric had walked up. He has a lot of tattoos--both arms are completely covered--and he was wearing a sleeveless shirt. Suddenly they didn't care about the party at all--they were getting their nightsticks off, you could say, by looking at Eric. He's pretty attractive and has a hot little body and they were just riveted by him. They took his arms--one each--and started asking all these questions about his tattoos. Then Chris asked them to join the party, but they said they couldn't--they were on duty. But they asked Eric where he hangs out before they left.

--Arnold Nisperos, aka "Silver," DJ and event promoter

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