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Night Spies

We are at Zentra.

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Every time I'm here and I hear "The Thong Song," I'm reminded of what has to be the ultimate VIP club experience of my life. A group of us met a millionaire and went out with him a few times before he vanished into thin air. The rich dude picked us up one early afternoon and drove us to a totally awesome penthouse suite. We hung out drinking and having a good ol' abusive time. He had an entourage of at least 15 women with him--all model quality--along with me and four other guys. After that he took the guys to the Cubs game. We get back to the penthouse and all these chicks are in lingerie. The rich dude says, "Tonight we're having a lingerie party." He's got boxers, slippers, and robes for the guys. "Let's go clubbing," he says, and after several stops we ended up here. We walked in and the girls shed their robes and they were dancing around in the VIP section, and we told everybody that we just filmed a porno and everybody totally bought it. We went back to the penthouse and had a grand ol' time. Of course, after all that, I did not score! But I did end up in a hot tub with three nude chicks. Wherever you are, rich dude, thanks for a badass time.

--Dominic Wayne, DJ/graphic designer

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