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Last summer my friends Mara, Tim, and I were out on Lake Michigan on his boat, the Sweet Marie. It was such a beautiful night that by the time we decided to come back to the harbor, around 2 AM, there wasn't a dinghy to bring us back to the dock. So we unloaded some of our items on the dock and then took the boat to its anchoring place. Our plan was to get the tubing raft and lay across it and paddle back to our belongings. About ten feet from the boat we realized that the tube had a hole. It started doing a Titanic on us. So we jumped in the water and started swimming toward the dock. As we were pulling ourselves out of the water, we were greeted by two policewomen, who immediately began to interrogate us: "What are you guys taking off those boats, what are you doing in the water, what are you stealing?" They thought we were looting. Tim--who was in his boxers (he'd left his clothes on the dock)--said, "Why would I be looting a boat wearing my boxers?" They didn't know what to say, so they told us, "OK, fine, just get out of here." The cops left, and we walked dripping wet to our car, laughing all the way.

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