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Night Spies

We are at After Hours at the Art Institute.

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It all started back in October of last year. I'd been going to these singles mixers at museums to meet people, and I went to one here--right after I joined an online dating service. I got home that night and checked my e-mail, and there was a message that said, "I saw you at the Art Institute." That's all it said. I clicked on this man's profile, and there was no photo, and it was a little creepy, so I never answered. After I went to another mixer here in November, I got another e-mail. "I saw you again, and I think you saw me," it said. "Can you guess who I am?" I was totally freaked-out. I clicked on the profile again, and there was still no photo, but now there was a physical description. I thought, I'm going to take my chances and write back to this nut. "Yeah, I know who you are," I wrote, and I described him from the physical description in his profile. Then I basically gave him a tongue-lashing, saying I didn't appreciate his watching me and not introducing himself. His profile said that he was pathologically shy, so I wrote, "Let me know who you are the next time. I don't bite." A week later he wrote back ...

(To be continued)

--Sandra Rose, retail store manager

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