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Night Spies

We are at Margie's Candies.

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We always try to find reasons to come here because the turtle sundae is the best. I like how they have those jukeboxes on the tables that are all broken--they've been like that since the 80s. It's very cluttered in here and the booths have all these papers and things on them. We celebrated my birthday here one night. We happened to be sitting in a booth that had the office phone right next to us. It had all these speed-dial numbers on it. They had weird names written in pen like "Prim," which I couldn't figure out, "Choco," which obviously was chocolate, "Whip," and another one, "Ice." My friends dared me to speed dial one of the numbers. I had to wait because the waitress was eyeing us suspiciously. I called "Ice" and someone answered--at like nine o'clock at night. This woman said "Jefferson Ice Company." My friends were whispering that I should ask her, "Could you send over 10,000 pounds of ice because the freezers went on the fritz and the Neapolitan's melting all over the place," but I felt guilty and hung up. I wish I'd had the nerve to call up "Whip," but maybe next time. I did get a free bag of chocolates for my birthday, though--and almost a spanking from the waitress, who kept giving me dirty looks after she saw me on the phone.

--Pam Yoon, graduate student

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