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We are at Lola's.

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I deejayed here last year at this electroclash event called Liquid Sky. We brought in everything from punk bands to drag queens. One night we had Houston Bernard, this act from New York. He referred to himself as a bi porno-electro-punk rapper. Very X-rated, very, very raunchy. After his first act he stepped outside to cool off. Apparently he met some guy who was walking down the street and they slipped into the alley for a quickie blow job. He returned late for his second set, and when he stripped down to the pink G-string he was wearing, it had a huge wet spot on the crotch. He was staying with me because we worked with a very small budget. Later that evening he brought home some guests, and I fell asleep to the sounds of their oohs, aahs, and an occasional ass slap in the next room. I wasn't surprised--he hit on every single person he met, it didn't matter what they looked like. In the morning he described the two girls he'd brought home, and from his description I realized that I knew them! They were two of my friends who'd been at the show and were really intrigued by him. They had no clue it was my apartment. One of the girls brought it up to me later and said, "He lived up to his show. He was a wild boy."

--DJ Boomerang, DJ

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