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We are at Salud.

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This isn't a bad little place for tequila, but I have a memory of coming here when it was the Holiday Club that no amount of tequila can erase. A coworker and I decided to invite these two women out, and it became a night of enthusiastic drinking that eventually brought us here. When we left, the bar was closing. We walked outside, and there was a light rain coming down and we were trying to find a cab when I saw this street sign on the corner. I thought it would be clever to do this Gene Kelly "Singin' in the Rain" kinda thing. So I started to, but this street sign was set in rotten, crumbly concrete. The sign ripped right out of the pavement, and I and the street pole went flying into Milwaukee Avenue in the rain. All these people were watching me, and across the street I heard this wiseass ovation from other late-night bar patrons. I kinda dragged the pole back onto the sidewalk as if nothing had happened, and I saw this Chicago police officer walking toward me, smiling. He said, "You know, we could probably arrest you for that. But I think your embarrassment is punishment enough." Needless to say, I went home sans street sign or companions of any sort. Screw Gene Kelly.

--Brad Hauck, copywriter

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