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Ewan McGregor takes a job at the city morgue, detectives Nick Nolte and John C. Reilly investigate a series of prostitute murders, and McGregor's thrill-seeking friend Josh Brolin starts singing the praises of prostitutes. This genre movie obediently includes plenty of self-references, some of them genuinely unnerving, since the characters seem to have thought through the comparisons they make between themselves and movie stereotypes. But a significant red herring is never rationalized, and everyone's behavior is more convincing during the buildup than after the murderer's identity is revealed. The filmmakers show habitual thriller viewers some respect by condensing the background story into iconic sound and image bites during the opening-credits sequence, suggesting they know we get the drill; this and the other stylish elements make it all the more disappointing that the movie's mediocre. Written by Steven Soderbergh and director Ole Bornedal, based on Bornedal's movie Nattevagten.

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