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No Manches Frida

Nacho Garcia Velilla directed this Mexican comedy, in which a bank robber recently released from prison goes to recover his buried loot, only to find that a high school gym has been built over the site.



  • Nacho Velilla


  • Omar Chaparro
  • Martha Higareda
  • Fernanda Castillo
  • Adal Ramones
  • Mónica Dionne
  • Rocío García
  • Regina Pavón
  • Mario Morán
  • Raquel Garza
  • Pakey Vázquez
  • Memo Dorantes
  • Carla Adell
  • Karen Furlong
  • Pamela Moreno
  • Emanuel Lattanzio
  • Rogelio Frausto
  • Miriam Calderón


  • Edward Allen
  • Martha Higareda
  • Mauricio Argüelles
  • Martin Moszkowicz
  • Clifford Werber
  • Andrew Kosove
  • Broderick Johnson

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