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James Beard award winner Takashi Yagihashi is the chef behind this noodle shop in the Macy's food court.

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Every detail down to the last filament of nori seems premeditated at Takashi Yagihashi's fancified food-court noodle shop, located on the seventh floor of Macy's on State. Line cooks pump out homey bowls of ramen and giant mounds of fried rice to the masses, but last-second sprinklings of seaweed, ginger, and fried parsnip make the process seem more civilized. Yagihashi's design background manifests itself in the finer details—-black wooden trays and hooked soup spoons elevate mall dining to new heights. Service seems well oiled; someone may even come out to your table to offer you more of the fantastic iced tea or just to ask how things are. Ramen comes in three flavors: miso, shoyu, and shio; the last, a hybrid of the other two, benefits from the ferment of the miso and the subtle richness of the shoyu. Ground pork and toothsome vegetables get mixed in with the standard ramen noodle. House-made tofu, tired fried dumplings, crispy spring rolls, and steamed buns stuffed with smoky braised pork round out the delightfully brief menu. There may be better ramen in the city, but it's unlikely you'll find better eating in a food court.

Kristina Meyer

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