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Notify Thy Neighbor


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To the editors:

Chicago seems more and more like a huge psychology lab experiment, with a gigantic white-coated scientist from "The Far Side" looming over the city and pushing everything closer and closer together. The case of people speaking out against the development of Navy Pier, near where they live [Neighborhood News, August 10] could be multiplied many times over. Cafe Bernard's coarse Bastille Day bash annually blasts me out of my apartment, for another example. Businesses and developers seem to have a blind spot when it comes to realizing that people live near where they want to do something self-serving. Poor things, they feel they have to make a living, just need a little more parking, just a little more publicity or lebensraum, etc., etc. A simple rule that would help a lot would be to notify and to get the views of local residents who will be affected by an event or development in a neighborhood. Of course, you may think that is an old established principle already, but it is not. Simply notifying and getting the views of people could go a long way to overcome difficulties, until we can persuade the Giant to let up.

James Bennett

N. Halsted

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