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Now, Forager

93 minutes 2012

A married couple in New York eke out a meager living by gathering mushrooms from upstate forests and selling them to local restaurants. After the wife, feeling the pinch of their financial hardship, hires on at an up-and-coming restaurant, the husband labels her a sellout and continues on without her. Cashing in on the "slow food" trend, this drama emphasizes the operational detail of foraging—the husband describes various specimens in voice-over, noting their scientific names and the best ways to cook them—and endorses locavorism; it also sympathetically depicts the tragic hustle of those whose stern commitment to their cause brings them few rewards. Beyond that, nothing much distinguishes this from any other relationship drama: the husband's climactic anecdote about a fungi's parasitic relationship to its host drives home the obvious. Jason Courtlund (who plays the spouse) and Julia Halperin directed.

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