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NPR Is Liberal?


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To the editors:

Writer Glenn Garvin's revelation about NPR news's "liberal" taint was news to me ["How Do I Hate NPR?," June 25]. I've heard the news on WBEZ now and then and it's seemed fairly innocuous. I suppose that in the American political universe of today (where the Democrats are in the center--or on the right--and the Republicans are God-knows-where) a mere careless "liberal" slip of the lip will seem pretty pinko. My impression is that all major news organizations--newspapers, radio, TV--express the point of view of this country's owners. And, if NPR news is indeed "liberal" and Mr. Garvin and I (as taxpayers) are paying for it, I'm glad. Compared to the other grand schemes the owners have foisted upon us, it's like losing a penny.

Olaf Mend

W. Patterson

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