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When: Mon., April 29, 9 p.m. 2013

Two-bassist, two-drummer D.C. posthardcore five-piece Black Eyes called it quits about nine years ago, just before the release of their second LP (and right about the time people started to care about them). Members spun off into a handful of other projects, all of which made music a bit weirder and noticeably less Dischord-esque than Black Eyes’ groovy, percussion-heavy punk; most notably, guitarist Daniel Martin-McCormick has ventured into damaged noise-punk and dance beats with Mi Ami and Ital, respectively. The other Black Eyes alumni have been pretty quiet lately, with the exception of drummer Mike Kanin—he’s moved to Austin, Texas, and formed Marriage, a band that sounds a whole lot like Black Eyes, except meaner and scarier. The band is a bearded, five-headed monster onstage, furiously passing around electric basses, synths, drum sets, and makeshift percussion (cowbells, broken cymbals, a length of signpost). They relentlessly thrash at their instruments, injecting eerie, minor-key funk grooves with tribal drumming and topping them off with bellowed vocals and delay-drenched guitars and keys. The last time I saw this many terrifyingly burly men with lots of facial hair pounding on drums and screaming their heads off, it was at a Viking sacrificial ceremony. Marriage’s new debut LP, For Brötzmann (Monofonus Press), isn’t as intense as their live sets, but it’s no less dense and mesmerizing. —Luca Cimarusti Nude Sunrise headlines; Marriage and Matchess open.

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